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How to deal with aging of fertilizer equipment

The aging of fertilizer equipment is an inevitable result, but there are many factors affecting the aging. Attention to these factors can delay the aging speed of fertilizer equipment.

1.The quality of design, manufacture and installation of fertilizer equipment is the foundation. If a device is reasonably designed, properly selected and well manufactured and installed, it will be stable and reliable and have a long service life. If there is an element problem in the design, installation and manufacture of fertilizer production line, a series of chain reactions may occur to accelerate equipment aging. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional fertilizer machinery enterprise in China, has many years working experience in this aspect. We has strong technical strength, for enterprises to provide fertilizer plant design, process improvement, equipment manufacture, installation, commissioning, formula and a series of comprehensive services.

2.Insist on maintenance. Insist on regular maintenance of equipment, equipment in a good state of operation, wear less. Improper maintenance, failure of the machine can not be found in time, equipment will accelerate wear and corrosion, so the usual maintenance can not be saved. 
fertilizer equipmentfertilizer equipment
3.Reasonable and correct process operation. Reasonable design of fertilizer production line and strict implementation of process flow are also important measures to alleviate equipment aging. In the operation of fertilizer production line, unreasonable start-up and shutdown and improper operation will not only affect the performance of equipment, but also cause safety accidents. So operators need to understand the machine-related knowledge.

After the enterprise purchases the equipment for production, it should also do a good job of maintenance in peacetime. Operators should know the operation precautions beforehand, and analyze the causes of the equipment failure in time to avoid errors. At the same time, enterprises should adopt new technology, new technology, repair malfunctioning equipment, replace aging equipment, so as to maximize the use of equipment and obtain more benefits.