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The use of roller press granulator and the advantages of compound fertilizer production

Roller press granulator is one of the main equipment in fertilizer granulation. It can be used in the granulation process of roller press granulation fertilizer production line and is the main method of powder granulation. Roller press granulator extrudes materials into granules without spraying water before granulation and drying and cooling after granulation. The granulation rate is 90%. The production process is environmentally friendly and highly automated. Compared with the disk granulation production process or rotary drum granulation production process, it saves the drying and cooling system, reduces the conveying equipment, reduces the plant area, and reduces the consumption of fuel and power. And the fertilizer is not heated, reducing nutrient loss.

Roller wear of roller press granulator is the main problem. After using for a period of time, the roll surface will be worn or damaged. After the roll surface is damaged, the effect of particle compaction becomes worse, the density of particles decreases, and the output of finished products decreases. Therefore, the key to the use of roll granulator is to check the roll surface status regularly, maintain in time, and ensure the stable and efficient operation of the granulator.
roller press granulator granules
It is easy to operate medium and high concentration compound fertilizer in the production of roller press granulator. Wide adaptability for raw materials, such as fertilizer, feed, chemical industry, and especially good adaptability for rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biological agent, environmental protection project. In the production of compound fertilizer, appropriate NPK fertilizer ratio should be selected, so that the granular effect is good.