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How to deal with pig manure in farms and the use of pig manure dewatering machine

Pig manure farms produce a lot of excrement every day, making good use of these excrements can produce great value, combined with the treatment of pig manure dehydrator, these excrements are more widely used. The following is four method of pig manure pocess.

Drying method. Dehydrated 
the collected pig manure with the pig manure dewatering machine(It's often used in organic fertilizer fermentation pretreatment). After drying in the sun, the dehydrated pig manure was crushed and mixed with 54% pig manure, 10% soybean cake, 30% bran, 4% fish meal, 2% salt and additives to form granul or fragments. The fertilizer granulationg line can be used to produce high quality pellet feed, which can feed grass carp, carp, silver carp and bighead carp.
Feed the fish directly. Pig manure is fine in texture and contains more nitrogen, which is easy to be decomposed by microorganisms, releasing effective nutrients for fish and shrimp to absorb and utilize. When pig manure is applied to fish ponds, part of it is directly ingested by fish, and the other part can cultivate plankton in water. In general, 5~8 pigs are allowed to make pig manure in each pond. Or the fermented pig manure can be used as base fertilizer before stocking the fish species after clearing pond, and 300 kg per mu of fish pond can be applied. The number and number of specific application should be determined according to the color of the water. The water quality of fish ponds should be grass green and brown. If the color of water is rust, the amount of pig manure should be reduced.
the use of pig manure dewatering machine pig manure dewatering machine
Fermented feed the fish. Pig manure was treated by dewatering machine, then 10% straw or cornmeal was added, mixed and stirred, and appropriate water was added to adjust the moisture content of the material to about 60%. Then, it is packed into cement pond and pressed in layers. After filling, it is sealed with plastic cloth and fermented for 3-5 days at 20-30 C. Fermented pig manure can be directly fed to fish, but also can be added bran, peanut cake into a ball to feed fish.
Fermented organic fertilizer. Pig manure is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter, and is a good raw material for organic fertilizer. The dewatering machine dehydrates the pig manure, adds the straw and other auxiliary materials to mix, ferments in the fermentation tank, generally about 14-30 days can complete the fermentation. Pig manure after full fermentation has no odor, pathogens and parasite eggs are also killed, and bacterial protein and bacterial metabolites are produced in the fertilizer after fermentation. The nutrient content is high, so burning roots and seedlings will not occur when applied.