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How to determine the production process of organic fertilizer production line when establish organic fertilizer plant

After determining the raw materials and production scale, the site of the organic fertilizer plant is determined, and then the production process is determined. Because the process of organic fertilizer production is different, the equipment of organic fertilizer production line purchased is different, and the occupancy and layout of the plant are different.

Organic fertilizer production process mainly refers to fermentation process. The shorter the time of fertilizer fermentation, the more compact the fermentation material stack, and the less space it occupies. In the industrial production of organic fertilizer, the fermentation modes usually include stacking fermentation and tank fermentation. The two fermentation methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and appropriate fermentation process should be formulated according to different raw materials and different investment scales. 
fermentation process of organic fertilizer production line
Strip stacking fermentation covers a large area, generally 3 or 4 times of tank fermentation, but it has good air permeability. Strip stacking fermentation is mainly open fermentation. If there is no odor in raw materials, it can be used.
Tank fermentation can centralize the odor produced in the fermentation process. In order to reduce the investment cost, most odor treatment is mainly based on biofilter. Therefore, the establishment of tank fermentation should leave enough space for the construction of biodeodorizer. In the production process of organic fertilizer tank fermentation, it is best to reduce the number of transports of fermentation raw materials. The raw materials had better be directly fed into the fermentation tank, and use the compost turning machine to stir flip material. At the same time, the feed-in and feed-out balance should be maintained in the fermentation tank to ensure the continuous supply of raw materials.

After determining the production process (mainly fermentation process) of the organic fertilizer plant, the occupancy of the organic fertilizer plant can also be determined, then the next step is to design the organic fertilizer production line and purchase the organic fertilizer equipment. professional for processing the fertilizer equipments for nearly 20 years and have rich experience in organic fertilizer production. Freely provide organic fertilizer project designing, organic fertilizer production line process designing, select suitable equipment for you. We also provide equipment layout draw, foundation draw and detail equipment manuals.