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How to use organic fertilizer production equipment flat die granulator

Organic fertilizer production equipment can recover manure and a large number of agricultural straw, which can be processed into organic fertilizer. The amount of materials such as manure and straw is enormous, and if not used scientifically, it wastes resources and pollutes the environment. The flat die granulator is widely used in the field of organic fertilizer production by extrusion granulation.

The motor drives the spindle to rotate after decelerating through the reducer, and the spindle drives the roller to rotate. At the same time, the roller rotates around the roller under the action of friction resistance. After the organic fertilizer material is fed into the feeding chamber through the hopper, it is evenly distributed on the flat die by the distributor and scraper. The roller squeezes the material on the flat die continuously and enters the die hole. The organic fertilizer after entering the die hole is extruded by the roller. Compression and friction with the die hole, density and temperature continue to rise. After setting, the flat die is extruded. The lower rotary cutter cuts it off to form organic fertilizer particles, and the final formed particles are discharged from the flat die granulator.
organic fertilizer equipment flat die granulator

Flat die granulator has a strong anti-overload ability in processing granules, even when the granulator is fully loaded, it is also running normally. There is no separate feeding device in the flat die granulator production line. Flat die granulator has the characteristics of multi-purpose in production scope. It can be used as an organic fertilizer equipment to process granules, as well as plant ash, feed and so on.

The flat-die granulator has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, simple maintenance and low price. It is suitable for the processing of small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment. At the same time, the production capacity of flat die granulator is lower than that of ring die granulator, and the production capacity per hour is less than 2 tons.