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How to Solve the Problem of Roller Press Granulator in NPK Fertilizer Production

Roller press granulator is a dry powder fertilizer granulator, which can directly extrude powder materials into granules at room temperature. Roller press granulator is widely used in NPK fertilizer production. It can produce a variety of compound fertilizers with urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate, ammonium carbonate, potassium chloride and other raw materials.

Production Process of Roller Press Granulator in NPK Fertilizer Production Line
Roller press granulator mainly extrudes granulation through two rolls with opposite rotating directions. The process temperature of NPK fertilizer production line of roller press granulator has no obvious change. It does not need drying and remove water. There is no chemical reaction between materials. Nutrients are not lost and degraded. It is especially suitable for heat-sensitive organic matter and ammonium carbonate.
roller press granulator of npk fertilizer production line

Problems and Solutions for Roller Press Granulator in NPK Fertilizer Production
(1) The demoulding problem of roller press granulato. In the process of roller press granulator, greasy substances will be produced due to repeated grinding and sieving of materials, resulting in demoulding. Calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer can be added to roller press granulator to solve the problem.

(2) The cohesion of materials is not enough, and the forming effect of particles is poor. Improper calculation of fertilizer dosage or improper selection of materials can lead to granulation difficulties or non-granulation. Bentonite can be appropriately added to the raw material of the roller press granulator to contribute to the production of thixotropic colloid, which is effective for the granulation rate and the appearance of the granulated material.

(3) Strength of roller press granulator products. Due to the soft organic matter, the processed granular fertilizer may not be strong enough. In the NPK fertilizer production, calcium, magnesium and phosphate fertilizers should be added to reduce moisture and increase strength.

(4) The ratio of organic fertilizer to inorganic fertilizer in the raw material of roller press granulator. The ratio of organic nitrogen to inorganic nitrogen should be adjusted according to NPK fertilizer production line technology.