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How to use disc fertilizer mixer correctly

Disc mixer is a kind of machinery mainly used for mixing raw materials. It is a new type of organic fertilizer machine after the improvement of the original mixer. Disc mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other industries.

Application scope of disc mixer:

Various wet and dry materials, organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer. In addition, our factory can customize different types of mixing equipment according to user needs. For example, according to the output and raw materials of the roller granulator, the corresponding mixing equipment and process are configured.
disc fertilizer mixer

How to standardize the use of disc fertilizer mixer

In order to avoid accidents in transportation, loading and unloading of the disc fertilizer mixer, before using the disc fertilizer mixer, it is necessary to check whether the bolts and nuts at various parts are loose, whether the flat teeth, round teeth and spindle nuts are loose. Rotate the pulley by hand to check whether the machine has collision. Fertilizer mixer rotation is flexible, whether there are debris in the machine, start idling for 3 minutes, no abnormal phenomenon, can start operation.