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Introduction of Microbial Fertilizer for Biofertilizer Production Equipment

Biofertilizer is a kind of fertilizer which contains living microorganisms and can increase plant yield and improve crop quality in use. There are many kinds of biofertilizers, which can be made into fertilizers with different effects through biofertilizer production equipment. So what knowledge do we need to know about biofertilizers?

Biofertilizers can be classified by definition.
1. Narrowly defined biofertilizer: It refers to increasing the activity and supply of plant nutrient elements through the life activities of microorganisms, and then increasing production. It is a microbial preparation with fertilizer characteristics. Such products do not have nutrients, but they have the function of fertilizer.

2. Generalized biofertilizer: This kind of biofertilizer has little or no nutrient supply function, but has other effects, such as stimulating plant growth or antagonizing the pathogenic action of certain pathogenic microorganisms, and degrading harmful pollutants.

Classification by microbial species.
Bacterial fertilizer: such as nitrogen-fixing bacterial fertilizer, phosphorus-dissolving bacterial fertilizer, potassium-dissolving bacterial fertilizer.

Fungal fertilizer: This kind of fertilizer includes two types of ectomycorrhizal fungi and endomycorrhizal fungi, such as arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, mycorrhizal fungi and orchid mycorrhizal fungi. Actinomycete fertilizer: such as antibiotic bacterial fertilizer;

Algal fertilizer: such as nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria, etc.

It can be divided into different functions.
1. Phosphorus-soluble microbial fertilizers, potassium-soluble microbial fertilizers, organic matter-decomposing microbial fertilizers, such as leguminous plant inoculants and soil phosphorus activators.
2. Microbial fertilizers with the same function can also be fertilizers of different microbial types, such as phosphate-soluble bacterial fertilizers, bacterial fertilizers and fungal fertilizers.
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According to the number of microbial species.
1. Single microbial fertilizer: Fertilizer containing only one microbial action.
2. Compound microbial fertilizer: a microbial preparation formed by mixing various microorganisms in a certain proportion.

Different ratios of raw materials are made into different kinds of biological fertilizer products through flat die extrusion granulator. Bio-organic fertilizer was obtained by adding organic fertilizer to microorganism, and bio-organic-inorganic compound fertilizer by adding organic fertilizer and NPK inorganic fertilizer to microorganism.