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Is it profitable to produce and use biofertilizer

The input-output ratio of biofertilizer production and use is very high. Agricultural, according to the application of biofertilizer per mu of land to calculate, after improving the quality of crops, according to the price of more fruit per kilogram, it will soon be able to recover costs, but also reduce the amount of fertilizer input. Next, fertilizer machine manufacturers will analyze the input and output of using biofertilizer and whether the biofertilizer production is profitable.
biofertilizer production

(1) Biofertilizer can increase crop yield and income, increase cash crop yield by more than 20% and field crop yield by 10%.

(2) Biofertilizer can improve soil fertility, activate soil, reduce nutrient fixation or loss, improve soil structure, especially in saline-alkali land with repeated cropping, maintain nutrient balance and reduce pollution.

(3) The application of biofertilizer can enhance the stress resistance of crops, provide trace elements and stimulants, stimulate the growth and development of crop roots, and enhance the ability of disease resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance.

(4) Bio-organic fertilizer can make crops ripen early and yield high, quality improved, mature earlier, waste fruit and residual fruit reduced greatly, and the yield of commodity increased.

(5) The application of biological fertilizer can reduce the cost and increase the effect, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer by about 30%, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and reduce the cost.

At present, the application of bio-organic fertilizer can not only promote the growth and development of fruit trees, but also improve the yield and quality of fruit. More importantly, the beneficial bacteria provided by biofertilizer can effectively improve the rhizosphere soil environment of fruit trees, promote the absorption of mineral elements by root system, and play a key role in the health and sustainable production of fruit trees. Therefore, the prospect of biofertilizer production is also very broad, which is worth promoting.