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Ten Steps of NPK Compound Fertilizer Ammonia Acid Granulation Process

Our factory designed a NPK fertilizer production line, using the ammonia acid granulation process, the chemical fertilizer into a variety of nutrients can be released slowly granule products. The amino acid granulation process consists of the following ten steps.
1.Add the solid raw materials of the batching system and the returned materials of the NPK fertilizer production line system into the rotary drum granulator.
2. The detergents of concentrated sulfuric acid, dilute phosphoric acid and tail gas washing system of each tank are metered and added to the mixing section of the tubular reactor for mixed dilution.
3. Gas ammonia from ammonia station is measured and reacted with mixed acid quickly through distributor. High temperature ammonium sulfate and monoammonium phosphate solution are produced and sprayed evenly on granulator bed by atomizing spray nozzle.
4. After gasification of gas ammonia and steam, the mixture distributor enters the feed layer and reacts with monoammonium phosphate and calcium superphosphate in the feed layer in the rotary drum granulator. At the same time, the reaction heat is released, and the dry and wet materials are agglomerated and granulated under the rotating action of the granulator.
rotary drum granulator 

5. Particles are transported to a rotary dryer for heat exchange with heat from the hot blast stove.
6. Material is transported to the screening machine to separate particles. Fine particles return directly to the drum granulator and continue to participate in the agglomeration and pelletizing of particles as the core, while large particles return to the drum granulator after being crushed by the grinder and continue to participate in the granulation.
7. The selected semi-finished particles are transported to the rotary cooler to cool the fertilizer by natural or forced cooling air.
8. The qualified products after screening are transported to the coating machine for coating treatment.
9. Compound fertilizer granules are transported to automatic packaging scale for weighing, packaging and storage.
10. The exhaust gas from drying, cooling and collecting were treated by cyclone dust collector, gravity sedimentation chamber and water bath respectively, and then discharged to the standard.