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Manufacturing and Fermentation Equipment of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

The harmless treatment of chicken manure by using chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process is a good way to solve the pollution problem of breeding industry. With the improvement of people's living standards, the growing demand for meat products has led to the prosperity of livestock and poultry farming. While livestock and poultry farming has brought great benefits to human society, the unreasonable discharge of livestock and poultry manure has also brought great problems to the ecological environment. These problems are contrary to the concept of green environmental protection, but also seriously affect human health, and do not meet the requirements of sustainable development of livestock and poultry breeding. In the treatment of pollution, chicken manure is processed into organic manure for composting fermentation is the most common and effective way.
chicken manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Conventional composting has a long fermentation period, and chicken manure carries a large number of pathogenic bacteria and harmful substances. Without decomposition, it will cause secondary pollution to the environment. Therefore, in the process of chicken manure organic fertilizer, microbial agents can be added to the compost fermentation products, and materials can be dumped by a turning machine to effectively solve the defects of traditional compost such as long fermentation cycle, inadequate killing of pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs, and incomplete maturity. The trough compost turning machine significantly increased the composting temperature, and microbial activities had significant killing and degrading effects on coliforms, Ascaris eggs and harmful substances in livestock and poultry manure.

Fresh chicken manure, rapeseed straw and rapeseed meal were used as raw materials, then a certain amount of superphosphate and compound microbial agent were added to mix evenly and stacked in the fermentation tank for fermentation. At this time, the initial moisture content of the material was about 60%. After two days of fermentation, the temperature gradually rises. When the temperature reaches 60℃, the compost fermentation turner is used for turner operation. At this time, the temperature falls down, and then the turner is carried out again when the temperature rises again to 60℃. So repeated several times, the material can reach the harmless index of organic fertilizer products. During the whole fermentation process, the compost temperature rises rapidly, the highest temperature can reach 65℃, and the high temperature maintained for a long time, shorter than the traditional composting cycle, the effect is remarkable. Fermented compost can be processed by fertilizer granulator machine to produce high quality organic fertilizer.