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How to make banana peel into flower fertilizer

Banana is the most common fruit. It's cheap and delicious. Many people directly throw the banana skin as garbage after eating it. In fact, banana peel is rich in potassium, which can be used for compost and flower cultivation, which can make flower plants grow more robust, colorful and even extend the flowering period. Banana peel can also be used as raw material to produce commercial organic fertilizer through fertilizer manufacturing process. So, how to make the discarded banana skin into organic fertilizer?
banana peel

Simple banana peel composting method

Cut the banana peel left over from the meal, collect some other peels such as peel leaves, and then find a container, sprinkle some flower soil, put the banana peel and other peel residues, and put a layer of soil. Then put the banana peel slag, and repeat it several times until the peel slag is used up, and then inject some water and seal it for about a month. The humus made in this way is the top-grade organic fertilizer, and you can plant flowers Or use it as flower fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer made from banana peel

Banana peel is also a high-quality raw material for industrial production of organic fertilizer. The dried banana peel (or directly used) is composted with chicken manure, straw and other materials, which can promote the growth of soil microorganisms and decomposition of nutrients. During the fermentation, the material is turned over in a timely manner by the windrow turner equipment to accelerate the compost fermentation and improve the fermentation quality. The rotten banana skin contains elements such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, and contains phosphorus, which can also prevent pests from occurring.

Banana peel as flower fertilizer

Banana peel can decompose rapidly, because it is rich in potassium, and the fertilizer is rich in phosphorus and potassium, which can be directly absorbed by flower plants, so as to promote their branches and leaves to flourish and flowers to bloom more. This kind of flower fertilizer can be used by almost all flower plants, such as longevity flower, triangle plum, gardenia, jasmine, azalea, tulip, rose, Begonia and so on.

Organic fertilizer made from banana peel can not only realize waste utilization, but also get economic benefits. The rotten banana peel is used as raw material, other nutrients are added, and the fertilizer is made into granular fertilizer by the fertilizer granulator machine, which can be sold on the market.