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Characteristics of compound fertilizer equipment formula fertilization


Compound Fertilizer Equipment Formula Fertilization Technology

When producing special compound fertilizer, soil testing formula should be carried out. After soil testing, according to the structure of the effective component content of various nutrient elements in the soil and crop supply capacity, as well as the nutrient absorption law of various crops, fertilizer preparation is carried out to comprehensively adjust the surrounding environment of crop growth and development. For the scientific selection of various fertilizers, careful distribution, qualitative and quantitative accurate input, in order to achieve the safe production of NPK fertilizer production process and increase production.
Formula of npk fertilizer production process
The choice of NPK fertilizer production process and compound fertilizer equipment is not a combination of simple nutrition. It is a system engineering, which needs to consider all factors affecting crop growth. It can be required that the minimum input is the highest yield per mu, and can meet the requirements of green products. When using fertilizer, we should pay attention to control the amount of fertilizer used, and do not waste too much fertilizer to save costs.

Processing of fertilizer granulator machine

After selecting the raw material and ratio, which fertilizer granulator is suitable for the granulation process should be considered. NPK production granulation commonly used a roller press granulator.

Double roller extrusion granulator will not produce large particles when it is produced, with high yield and almost no returned materials. The particles are of uniform and standardized size, with beautiful shape and fast granulation speed. Our pelletizer adopts heat treatment and carbonization process, which is hard to wear. The service life of the double roller fertilizer granulator is three times of that of the common material bar. The granulator adopts advanced lubrication test, small wear, big tile seat, complete protection of bearings, easy operation and maintenance. According to different raw materials, the machine can produce different types of fertilizers, various organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, etc. it is a fertilizer production equipment with flexible production process.