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A variety of organic fertilizer fermentation turners are available

Organic manure compost fermentation is the first step in the fertilizer manufacturing process of manure straw. Through the powerful stirring function, the fermenting compost turning machine can mix the fermentation raw materials well, and keep turning the stirring to let the raw materials and the air come into contact with each other, which is beneficial to the aerobic fermentation of the raw materials and facilitates the next process. There are many models of organic fertilizer turner, and users have a wide range of choices.

A variety of organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine can be selected

The tank turner is used to build the fermentation tank on the track. The span and depth of the tank dumper can be adjusted. In addition to the tank dumper, our organic fertilizer fermentation equipment also has a movable windrow turner. Various specifications of fermentation turner can be selected, and the diversity of equipment types can more ensure the accuracy of user's production and operation. That is to say, no matter what kind of production mode users are able to purchase devices that meet their own needs.
organic fertilizer compost fermentation machine

Fermentation treatment of windrow turner

The windrow turner is suitable for operation in various production environments. We also designed an upgraded version, lifting tripper. The use of fermentation turner machine is more free, which is a good news for users without fermentation tank. Moreover, the operation of the windrow turner is also very convenient, and the fermentation materials can be fully stirred evenly by driving back and forth. This kind of windrow turner is actually reset once every time the turner is turned over. In the process of throwing and resetting, materials exchange heat and mass with air, water and carbon dioxide are lost, temperature is reduced, oxygen concentration is increased, which provides an appropriate environment for aerobic fermentation of microorganisms. 

We not only provide a variety of environment organic fertilizer turning equipment, but also provide a full set of NPK fertilizer production process, as well as bio organic fertilizer equipment, a variety of agricultural fertilizer equipment to meet the needs of users.