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Why to make compound fertilizer into particles

There are many advantages in making high-efficiency compound fertilizer by mixing different fertilizers according to proportion. There are many kinds of nutrients in the particles, which can supply various nutrients needed by crops at the same time, and give full play to the role of mutual promotion among nutrients. Fertilizer has high effective nutrients and obvious economic benefits. In high concentration compound fertilizer, the content of effective ingredients accounts for at least 30%, most of which is more than 40%, some of which are as high as 60%. NPK fertilizer production process mixed with multi fertilizer granulation. The side effect of compound fertilizer is small, the adverse effect on soil is small, and the hygroscopicity is small. The fertilizer particles are not easy to agglomerate and are easy to store and use, which greatly improves the income of the fertilizer plant.
fertilizer granular

Purpose of fertilizer granulation:

1. Improve liquidity. Generally, the particle size is larger than the powder particle size, and the number of particles that can be contacted around each particle is less, so the adhesiveness and agglutination are greatly weakened, so as to greatly improve the fluidity of materials. Although the materials are solid, they can be treated quantitatively as liquid.

2. Prevent segregation of components. When the particle size and density of each component of the mixture are different, segregation is easy to occur. Granulation after mixing or mixing after granulation can effectively prevent segregation.

3. Prevent dust flying and adhesion on the wall. The dust of the powder is flying and adherent seriously. After being processed by the fertilizer granulator machine, the environmental pollution and the loss of raw materials can be prevented.

4. Adjust bulk density and improve solubility.

Extrusion granulation is a new technology of dry granulation NPK fertilizer production. Roller extrusion granulator is often used for granulation of potassium chloride in the field of fertilizer. The 1-4mm potassium chloride is basically produced by extrusion. The double roller fertilizer granulator has developed rapidly in the production of compound fertilizer particles.