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Making high quality organic fertilizer by compost turning machine

There are various kinds of fertilizers on the market, some of which are of good quality and some of which are not. It is suggested to use the organic fertilizer produced by the big brand fertilizer factory, because they have efficient compost turning machine, mature fermentation process and perfect organic fertilizer production line.
In the initial treatment of organic fertilizer, the raw material is composed of a variety of natural beneficial microbial groups, such as bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeast, actinomycetes, etc., for aerobic fermentation and decomposition. In the process of fermentation, all kinds of microorganisms form strong biochemical reaction in the process of rapid and large-scale propagation, and also consume a lot of oxygen, so it is necessary to turn the reactor to deal with fermentation materials. Compost fermentation completes the deodorization, maturity, insecticidal, sterilization and nutrient transformation of organic materials to achieve harmless and resource-based treatment.
During the fermentation of organic fertilizer, all kinds of materials need ventilation fermentation, so it is better to increase oxygen supply by compost turner, turn over frequently and mix well. Otherwise, it will lead to anaerobic fermentation and affect the effect. Generally, it is better to hold a handful of materials tightly with hands to meet the requirements of water content. If the water mark is found on the finger seam but no water is dripping, it will be scattered when falling on the ground. If it is too dry or too wet, it is not conducive to fermentation. And it does not need to add auxiliary materials such as brown sugar water. In the fermentation process, attention should be paid to the fermentation site. In summer, the place with ventilation and shade should be chosen as the fermentation site; in winter, the place with leeward, sunny or indoor should be chosen.
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The control of organic fertilizer fermentation process must be done according to the requirements of the manufacturer. For example, whether ventilation and aerobic fermentation should be carried out, whether there are strict requirements for water content, whether auxiliary materials should be added for fermentation, whether organic fertilizer granulator should be used for further processing, and what should be paid attention to, etc.
If we do these things well, we can produce high-quality organic fertilizer. High quality organic fertilizer needs to be pelletized, and the organic matter and nutrient are mixed into particles by disc granulator machine. If you have any questions about the equipment for producing organic fertilizer, you can contact our technicians, who will answer them for you.