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How to eliminate the hidden trouble of fertilizer production line equipment

With the continuous development and progress of fertilizer production line, the operation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer in human has been gradually reduced, more tend to automation, this method of production and processing is not only conducive to management, more importantly, the quality of production and processing is highly controllable. After purchasing a NPK fertilizer production line, in addition to daily manufacturing and production, it is also necessary to pay attention to maintaining machines to eliminate hidden dangers of fertilizer production equipment.

No matter the fertilizer production users purchase a whole NPK fertilizer production line or some organic fertilizer equipment, they should pay attention to the heat preservation and moisture-proof of the fertilizer production machine, and the replacement of the die pressing wheel. It includes the maintenance of the connecting parts of the machine, the renewal of the lubricating grease, the cleaning of the gear box, the maintenance of the power, the cleaning of the organic fertilizer granulator, the replacement of the bearings of the pelletizer, etc. These measures are to eliminate the hidden dangers of fertilizer production line equipment. The following fertilizer equipment manufacturers give you a detailed introduction of how to eliminate the hidden dangers of fertilizer equipment:
fertilizer production line equipmentfertilizer production line equipment

1. The parts that are easy to be rusted or damaged, especially the more valuable parts, such as magneto, motor, cutter, seed pipe, trencher, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc., shall be unloaded and stored indoors and separated according to the machine category to prevent deformation or damage caused by mutual extrusion.

2. First, clean the dirt and sundries outside the fertilizer equipment. Clean and lubricate all bearings, and cover the friction surfaces, such as plough wall, disc target, rotary cultivator blade, trencher, etc. with anti-corrosion agent such as paint, black oil, waste engine oil, etc.

3. Organic fertilizer equipment parked in the open air, such as a compost turning machine, must first lift the teeth and other racks off the ground, and must not contact the soil. For those parts that are easy to deform, they should be flattened or erected to eliminate the factors that cause deformation, and those with spring support should relax the spring.