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Small organic fertilizer production equipment is the development trend of fertilizer industry

Small scale organic fertilizer production line uses organic waste to produce organic fertilizer, which is also the trend of fertilizer industry in the future. At present, due to a large number of greenhouse gases emitted by human activities, the global climate is undergoing dramatic changes, which seriously affect the natural environment and human survival. Since the Copenhagen global climate change summit, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and developing low-carbon economy have become the consensus of all countries in the world. Organic fertilizer production equipment deals with organic solid waste, promotes ecological circulation and protects the environment.

Promotion of agriculture by small organic fertilizer production equipment

In the process of rapid economic and social development, China has paid a heavy resource and environmental price. Faced with huge pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and under the premise of ensuring the future economic and social development goals, we transform the economic growth model and energy consumption model, take a new industrialization path, promote energy conservation and reduction, achieve low-carbon development, and build low-carbon society.
However, the adjustment of industrial structure and the development of new energy industry is a long-term process, so at least in the short term, small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment in order to promote low-carbon development, energy conservation and emission reduction is more direct and effective.
Small organic fertilizer production equipmentfertilizer development

Development trend of small organic fertilizer production equipment

At present, the production of chemical fertilizer has the characteristics of high energy consumption and high pollution discharge, and the use of organic waste (animal and plant residues) to produce organic fertilizer is a resource-based way to make full use of the nutrients and values of waste. Fertilizer plants use organic fertilizer granulator and other fertilizer machines to process waste into organic fertilizer products, which to a certain extent reduces the pressure of environmental pollution caused by waste discharge.

In terms of agricultural demand, NPK fertilizer production line only processes compound fertilizer, which can not meet the agricultural and ecological requirements. Under the environment of energy conservation and emission reduction advocated by the whole society, small-scale organic fertilizer production equipment makes full use of organic waste to develop organic fertilizer, which reflects the inevitable trend of fertilizer industry in the future.