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Manufacturing equipment of sheep manure composting and fermenting organic fertilizer

There are two kinds of processing equipment for sheep manure composting and fermenting organic fertilizer: trough type compost turning machine and windrow turner machine. Fertilizer manufacturing equipment can effectively mix sludge, livestock manure, straw powder and microbial preparation, with low energy consumption and stable product quality. It can raise temperature in one day, deodorize in 3-5 hours, sterilize and fertilize in seven days. It is not only faster than other mechanical fermentation methods, but also more efficient.
sheep manure compost turning machine

Sheep manure trough compost turner:

Aerobic fermentation is the current method for processing sheep manure, and it is also suitable for the commercial production of sheep manure organic fertilizer, which is conducive to the standardized production of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine. It uses biological characteristics combined with mechanized technology to decompose chicken manure using natural microorganisms or inoculated microorganisms, and convert organic matter into organic matter, carbon dioxide and water. The method has short fermentation time, is not affected by weather and season, is easy to realize large-scale production, has little environmental pollution, and is beneficial to the commercial production of chicken manure organic fertilizer.

The trough-type chain compost turning machine can fully exert its mixing function. In order to meet the requirements of moisture and acidity in the fermentation of the original fertilizer, some auxiliary agents need to be added. The turning machine can make the mixing operation and uniformly mix to achieve the purpose of thorough mixing. A certain amount of water will be produced in the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, and the water content of finished organic fertilizer is required to be below 20%. Therefore, the use of a turning machine can reduce the water content and speed up the evaporation of water.