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Matters needing attention in selecting fertilizer production equipment

Fertilizer promotes the development of ecological agriculture, and the demand is huge. Investment in building fertilizer plants has become a popular project. Some investors in fertilizer production want to build small-scale organic fertilizer production lines to save costs, while some investors in fertilizer plants are going to build large-scale fertilizer plants to save unit production costs. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing fertilizer production equipment? Here are some notes.
1. Determine the type of fertilizer and producton site. Determining whether to produce organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer affects the choice of site. If organic fertilizer is produced, it should not be too far from the farm where raw materials are provided. The type of fertilizer determines whether compound fertilizer equipment or organic fertilizer equipment is needed. Different types of fertilizer equipment also have differences.

2. Determine the granulator. Granulation is the key link in fertilizer production and plays an important role in the quality of manufactured fertilizer. Fertilizer granules are cylindrical, spherical and flat spherical in shape. The granules produced by granulators of different shapes are different. The choice of granulator is related to the scale of fertilizer plant construction and local market. Fertilizer factories have different investment scales, different production processes, and different supporting equipment.
If a small fertilizer plant is to be built, it is suggested to configure simple machinery and equipment to reduce investment in equipment. The small fertilizer production line is composed of crusher, mixer, granulator, drum screener and automatic packing machine. If organic fertilizer fermentation is needed, it can be carried out with batten fermentation and windrow turning machine. The advantages are that they are more in line with the principle of aerobic fermentation. It is not easy to form anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation is full and complete, and the fermentation speed is fast. Forklift trucks can also be used instead of turner (the effect is not as good as turner), which can be adopted in terms of saving investment. According to the local environmental protection requirements, choose dust removal settings, where environmental protection requirements are high, choose heavy dust settings to meet the local emission quality standards.
Investment in large and medium-sized fertilizer plants, fertilizer production equipment can choose turning machine, automatic batching system, loader feeding hopper, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, hot stove, cooler, feeder, screener, cyclone dust collector, packing machine, etc. Increase mechanical automation, save manpower and cost. Organic fertilizer tank fermentation, can choose simple compost turning machine, double screws compost turning machine (suitable for large yield).
fertilizer production equipment fertilizer production equipment
3. Determine the manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. Several manufacturer of fertilizer equipment were inspected, and the strength, scale and reputation of the manufacturer of fertilizer equipment were fully understood. It is better to inspect the production workshop, finishing workshop and assembly workshop of the enterprise, to know the product quality, processing equipment, production process of the enterprise, and whether the fertilizer equipment produced by the manufacturer is professional. Referring to the customer cases that the manufacturer has completed, on-site test machine, the production site can best show the real operation of the equipment. Looking for fertilizer equipment suppliers with perfect after-sales service, suppliers provide professional technicians to guide customers to install and debug equipment, so that the equipment can operate normally, and provide corresponding training services.

4. Determine the safety performance of fertilizer equipment. Safety is the first, before purchasing, we need to consider whether the production line has safety devices, whether the machine design is reasonable, whether safety factors are taken into account, whether the parts are not welded properly, whether the bolts are tightened, whether there is pollution, and so on. In addition, whether the overall operation of the equipment is smooth and whether the design of the production line is reasonable are also matters needing attention, because it relates to the efficiency and quality of the operation of the equipment. With the permission of the manufacturer, the operator can try to operate it in practice and feel its state conveniently.

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