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Maintenance of fertilizer equipment

Fertilizer equipment is an important machinery for fertilizer production. Fertilizers processed by fertilizer equipment have abundant and diverse nutrients, which are rich in materials needed by vegetation and can meet the needs of various nutrients for crop growth. After fertilizer equipment is put into production, attention should also be paid to maintenance and maintenance, not just production. Running the equipment according to usage standard to produce fertilizer, check regularly to ensure normal operation, so that the service life of the equipment is longer. Following are some techniques for maintaining fertilizer equipment.

1. Bearings in fertilizer production equipment bear all the loads of the machine, so good lubrication has a great relationship with bearing life. The use of bearings affects the service life and operation rate of the machine. Therefore, it is recommended that bearings be inspected once every 7 days and lubricating oil be injected into them regularly.
2. Check the machine of the whole fertilizer production line regularly, and pay attention to whether the work of each part of the machine is normal. The wear level of vulnerable parts should be checked, such as cleaning the chain every 3 days, and replacing the worn parts in time.
3. If there is a fault in the running of the rotating gear, stop immediately to check and eliminate it.
4. The chassis of fertilizer production equipment should be placed smoothly to remove dust and other impurities, so as to avoid special circumstances and serious accidents in the production of machinery.
fertilizer equipment fertilizer equipment

It is suggested that fertilizer factories should do the following for fertilizer manufacturing process:
a)Improve the maintenance system and eliminate hidden dangers. When the fertilizer production line is put into production, it is necessary to formulate rules for the use of various machines and maintenance systems. Operators can operate and maintain according to the regulations, so as to prevent safety accidents and avoid unnecessary failures of machines. For example, when workers clean and maintain the machine, they can find out the problems existing in the machine and check them in time to avoid greater losses.

b)Maintenance of the machine should be carefully and in place. Whether a fertilizer production line can operate efficiently and normally and give full play to its performance is not only related to the quality of the equipment itself, but also to the correct use and proper maintenance of the operators. Maintenance of the machine is troublesome, but if not done, it will affect the production of equipment products, maintenance costs and replacement costs of vulnerable parts will continue to increase.

c)It is necessary to assign responsibility, check and record every day, lubricate and maintain the important parts of the equipment (vulnerable parts, motors, reducers, bearings, etc.) according to the instructions before leaving work every day. If there is any damage, it should be replaced or repaired in time to avoid affecting the normal production the next day.
d)The cause of equipment failure should be analyzed in time and lessons learned. The reason for the failure of fertilizer equipment may be the failure of the machine itself, or the improper operation and maintenance, etc. Once the fertilizer equipment fails, we should analyze the causes of the problems, take measures to learn lessons and prevent similar situations from happening again.