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About the method of processing granules by a small roller extrusion granulator

The small-scale organic fertilizer extrusion granulator should place the granulated powder materials in the roller extrusion granulator, and then use the external force to compact the powder materials tightly. Due to the different ways of external force, the molecules are recombined to make the materials become particles. The whole process of organic fertilizer machine treatment is mechanized operation without manual operation. The stirring granulation is mainly to use the way of stirring to make the material shape and present the shape of round particles.
small roller extrusion granulator
The thickness of the flake produced by the roller granulator of organic fertilizer is 5-20 mm, and the surface density is 1.5-3 times of that of the feed. The flake is then beaten, crushed and screened to obtain the required granular product. The particles formed by pressure form a hot spot at the contact point and melt the material. When the temperature drops, the material cools and forms a fixed bridge.