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Roller granulator manufacturers remind the precautions for applying biological fertilizer

Some people say that the input cost of biological fertilizer is high, but in fact it is not high. Biological fertilizer after fertilizer manufacturing equipment processing, plus organic fertilizer, reduce the amount of fertilizer use by half, can save a lot of money per mu. Roller granulator manufacturers remind the application of biological fertilizer matters needing attention.

1. Biological fertilizer is not afraid of water, but it will not be immersed in water for a long time. The application of dry and wet irrigation in paddy field can promote the activity of biological bacteria and the growth of seedlings.

2. Biological fertilizer is afraid of severe drought. Because biological fertilizer can resist drought, after applying biological fertilizer to soil, it is possible to start feeding crops. At this time, it has the ability to resist drought. If the soil water content is less than 35% before applying biological fertilizer, it belongs to severe drought soil, which will affect the growth and reproduction of biological fertilizer.

3. Biofertilizers are better in the ground (base) than in the field (stems and leaves), because the underground part of the crop absorbs about 70% of the nutrients and the aboveground part only 30%. Therefore, the effect of two ways on the ground is the best.
biological fertilizer
4. NPK fertilizer production line manufacturers remind you that the best application time is morning and evening or cloudy day without rain, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will kill the bacteria in the fertilizer.

5. The amount of bio-fertilizer is about 2kg per acre, and the amount of rice and cotton is slightly higher. 2kg per acre is divided into 1kg underground as the base fertilizer, and 0.5kg is sprayed at the heading stage and the heading stage.

6. How much water is needed to spray biological fertilizer? It depends on the number of plants per acre and the total amount of leaves. If 0.5kg of biological fertilizer is applied, as long as the back of the leaves are sprayed, about 50-75kg of water should be added.

7. The number of days after applying biological fertilizer can be seen. According to the inoculation of bacteria, there is a process of adaptation, growth, support and breeding, which takes 1-3 days. The environment of the bacteria is stable and begins to move. This method takes about 3-5 days and can work after 15 days to supply crops evenly for a long time.