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What type of mixer is good for producing compound fertilizer

The uniformity of raw material mixing is an important index that affects the quality of compound fertilizer granules. Mixing treatment affects the effect of NPK fertilizer production line after granulation. If the fertilizer product does not achieve the desired effect, it will reduce crop yield and may cause damage to soil in serious cases.

Choosing suitable fertilizer mixer for NPK compound fertilizer production line is very helpful to improve the quality of compound fertilizer products. Our factory has designed two kinds of horizontal mixers which can be used as mixing treatment in fertilizer production. Next, we will analyze the use of the double shaft mixer and the horizontal mixer.

The double shaft mixer is mainly composed of two stirring dragons, fixed knife, moving knife, box body and outlet. The coiling direction of the helical blade on the helical sleeve is different. Considering the difference of the mixing of different ingredients in the bin, the two stirring dragons are two blade rotating modes with different rotating directions. The stirring efficiency of the two-axis mixer is high, and 90 seconds of stirring is enough to mix the premix evenly. The efficiency of NPK compound fertilizer production line can be greatly improved by mixing the batching system with a two-axle mixer.
double shaft mixer and horizontal mixer

Horizontal mixer has the characteristics of simple structure and compactness. Horizontal mixer mixes different kinds of NPK fertilizers evenly to meet the needs of crops for different nutrients, but the production efficiency is relatively low. In order to better realize the requirement of material sliding smoothly along the inner wall of the bin, the angle between the wall and the bottom plate of the bin is 105 degrees, which effectively prevents the material from arching. There is no dead angle in the design of horizontal mixer, which ensures that after the material mixing is completed, the material surplus in the bin is minimum.