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Raw material treatment of disc pelletizer

Disc pelletizer is the main fertilizer pelletizer in compound fertilizer production and processing. The disc pelletizer has been welcomed by fertilizer factories because of its flexible production, high pelletizing rate and less material return. When compound fertilizer is processed by fertilizer pelletizer, raw materials have a great influence on the treatment effect of disc pelletizer.

Raw material and formula of disc pelletizer
Compound fertilizer materials of disc pelletizer are basic fertilizer except a small amount of wrapping materials and adhesives. Disc pelletizer has many kinds of raw materials and different properties. Some materials are easy to granulate, and some need to spray adhesives to granulate. Whether the formulation is reasonable not only affects the quality of the product, but also determines the degree of ball-forming rate. For example, compound fertilizers containing superphosphate are less difficult to granulate and have lower return rate; high concentration compound fertilizers must be steam granulated or granulated with adhesives.

Material blended according to formula must have good stability, and chemical reaction between materials should not have a greater impact on the production of fertilizer pelletizer. Therefore, in order to improve the production intensity of disc pelletizer, the raw material formula must be strictly controlled. When choosing raw materials, attention should be paid to their consistency. If the consistency of raw materials is not ideal in the formulation used, the necessary pretreatment of raw materials should be carried out.
production process of disc pelletizer

Material fineness of disc pelletizer
The finer the material entering the disc pelletizer, the better the granulating effect. Because of the different nature of raw materials, different crushing equipment should be used in crushing. Chain crusher should be used for materials with low hardness (such as superphosphate); cage crusher should be used for ammonium sulfate and urea. The closer the crushing fineness of various raw materials is, the more beneficial it is to improve the pelletizing rate of disc pelletizer.