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Process of processing bio-organic fertilizer by flat die pelletizer making machine

The granular products of the flat die pelletizer making machine are cylindrical, and the cylindrical granules are suitable for transportation, storage and keeping granular shape in water for a long time. Therefore, flat die pelletizer is suitable for processing all kinds of hard particles, and has been widely used in bio-organic fertilizer production line and feed processing.

Structure of flat die pelletizer
The flat die pelletizer is mainly composed of a disc-shaped flat-die and a set of rollers with grooves on the surface. Flat die is the main component of pelletizer. Its thickness, diameter and number of die holes have an impact on product quality and output.

The transmission part of the flat die pelletizer: a) The pelletizing power of the flat die pelletizer is driven directly by the motor through the coupling and then by a pair of bevel gears in the gearbox to the vertical shaft, which drives the flat die rotation. b) The mixing power of the flat die pelletizer is driven by the motor through the sprocket mechanism, or the swing needle motor is directly driven by the coupling, so as to ensure the feeder feeding quantitatively to the pelletizer chamber.

In the granulation box, the granulation part is composed of a flat die, a vertical shaft, a roller, a clearance adjustment bolt, etc. Among them, pressing die and roller are the main parts of granulation, which affect the shape of bio-organic fertilizer particles.

Others are welded by angle iron. The frame plays a supporting and fixing role. The material is thrown to the outlet through the throwing disc.
flat die pelletizergranules of flat die pelletizer

Processing of bio-organic fertilizer production by flat die pelletizer
The compounded bio-organic fertilizer is fed into the hopper, and the material is fed from the hopper into the flat die pelletizer and sent to the granulation chamber. The powder is compressed and squeezed into the vertically distributed die hole. After granulation, the particles are thrown out from the outlet by the scraper plate to complete the granulation operation.