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Mushroom Residue Recycled into Organic Fertilizer with Good Benefit

Mushroom residue refers to the organic solid waste left after cultivation of various edible fungi and decomposed by microorganisms. Mushroom residue contains metabolites of edible fungi, including crude protein, crude fat and nitrogen-free extracts, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and silicon, as well as a large number of microbial communities and residual mycelia.

Mushroom residue is recycled into organic fertilizer by using organic fertilizer production equipment, the cost is low. The transportation cost and the treatment fee are only required for the production, the organic fertilizer has good fertilizer effect, and the crop yield is obviously increased. Mushroom residue organic fertilizer is an important way to recycle it.

Maturity technology of mushroom residue composting
Adding mushroom residue to chicken manure, sheep manure and cow manure,etc. can effectively accelerate the degradation of organic matter, accelerate the decline of carbon, nitrogen and volatile solids in compost, facilitate the accumulation of potassium, and accelerate the degradation of lignocellulose.

In the composting process of mushroom residue, special attention should be paid to inoculating high temperature cellulose bacteria in mushroom residue compost fermentation to make the fermentation heats up rapidly. After composting, the total nutrient, organic matter content, pH value and appearance of mushroom residue can meet the standard of organic fertilizer, and it is a high-quality compost.

Organic fertilizer production equipment processing mushroom residue composting technology
Organic fertilizer production equipment processing mushroom residue compost is mainly crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, packing. Granulating is the core of organic fertilizer production equipment processing, usually we use a special organic fertilizer granulator for fertilizer granulation. Special organic fertilizer granulator to produce spherical particles, which is conducive to slow release of fertilizer and convenient storage, greatly improving the quality of organic fertilizer products.
mushroom residue organic fertilizer fermentation

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