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How to produce potassium sulfate fertilizer granules by Drum Granulator

Potassium sulfate is a kind of chlorine-free potassium fertilizer with good quality. It is widely used in the world and occupies a certain proportion in the use of potassium fertilizer. Drum granulator is one of the key equipments in NPK fertilizer production. It can pre-granulate powder materials in the cylinder and form small particles with particle size of about 2 mm. Drum granulator is the core technology of NPK fertilizer production line. It is suitable for fertilizer granulation of potassium sulfate. Its granulation effect will directly affect fertilizer granulating rate and product quality.
Technology of Producing Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer by Drum Granulator
The whole process of potassium sulfate fertilizer production by drum granulator is NPK fertilizer production line. The process of NPK fertilizer production line of drum granulator is divided into batching, crushing, mixing, granulating, drying and cooling system, screening and packing. In NPK fertilizer production process, potassium sulfate powder is granulated by drum granulator through agglomeration method. Granular fertilizer releases slowly in soil and has long fertilizer efficiency, which improves fertilizer utilization rate, ensures nutrient demand in crop production cycle and significantly increases crop yield.
drum granulator for npk fertilizer production line
If the roller press granulator is used, the granular potassium sulfate is produced by the extrusion granulation method, and the produced potassium sulfate particles have a low molding rate, a poor roundness, and uneven particles. The forming rate of granular potassium sulfate produced by drum granulation technology is much higher than that of roller press granulator. The granular product of drum granulator has high roundness, but its strength is slightly lower than that of extrusion granulator. 
Raw materials have great influence on the treatment effect of drum granulator. In order to improve the strength of potassium sulfate produced by drum granulator, active agents and adhesives need to be added into raw materials during the ingredient stage of NPK fertilizer production line. The granulating effect of the drum granulator can be further improved by adjusting the material.