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Organic Fertilizer and Biogas Utilization for Solid-liquid Separation of Pig Manure and Cattle Manure

Solid-liquid separator can deal with pig manure and cow manure, and separate the solid and liquid of the manure, so as to maximize the utilization of resources. Solid-liquid separator is used to separate solid and water from sludge and animal manure. The separated solid cow manure and pig manure can be used as organic fertilizer fermentation products, and the separated liquid can ferment biogas.

Solid-liquid separator accelerates biogas fermentation
Compared with the cow dung, the fermentation speed of the separated liquid of cow dung was significantly faster in the fermentation process, and the high gas production cycle ended on the 13th day, while the fermentation time of cow dung was longer, and the later gas production was more than that of the separated liquid, and the fermentation time was longer. Regardless of the total gas production, the methane content in the gas or the methane yield, the methane produced from the separation liquid of pig manure and cow manure as raw material has been significantly improved. Because the liquid viscosity after separation decreases and the particles are small, it is beneficial to the mass transfer of microorganisms. After solid-liquid separation, the substances in the separation liquid decreased and the viscosity decreased, which provided conditions for mixed fermentation with other organic wastes. Therefore, in the same scale biogas project, the total amount of livestock and poultry manure treated by solid-liquid separator technology is 1.5 times that of traditional technology. The energy consumption of crushing and transportation of raw materials is saved by using natural drying of separated solids to produce briquette fuel. After the treatment of solid-liquid separator, the viscosity of separating liquid was significantly reduced, the speed of anaerobic fermentation was accelerated, the efficiency of biogas engineering was improved, and the time of biogas fermentation was obviously shortened.
solid-liquid separator

Organic fertilizer production line for handling solid manure
The remaining solid manure is processed into different kinds of organic fertilizer products through the organic fertilizer production line. We have designed a professional organic fertilizer granulation production process to treat manure. Using solid-liquid separator to treat manure from large-scale farms has a very obvious promoting effect.