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Processing Technology of Organic Fertilizer by Biomass Granulator

Biomass organic fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer which is made up of specific functional microorganisms, animal manure, crop straw and other organic materials, which are treated harmlessly and matured. This kind of fertilizer has both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effects. Biomass organic fertilizer not only has comprehensive nutrition, but also has long fertilizer efficiency. It can increase soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, and reduce environmental pollution.

Processing Technology of Biomass Granulator
Fermentation raw materials such as straw and feces were collected and aerobic fermentation was carried out to make them harmless. The fermented organic matter was fed into the organic fertilizer production line for granulation processing.
1.Collecting raw material 
2.Composting fermentation 
4.Organic matter raw material added with bacterium liquid 
5.Biomass granulator extruded and granulated 
6. Round shaping

Biomass granulator is a multi-function extrusion granulator with energy saving and environmental protection, which is based on flat-die granulator and equipped with corresponding circular throwing machine. This biomass granulator has the best extrusion granulation for powdery fertilizer. It not only solves the problems of difficult granulation and poor granulation formation in drum granulator and disc granulator, but also solves the problems of high labor intensity and poor pelleting effect in pelletizer throwing process. At the same time, improving the flat die structure of the granulator and increasing the rotational speed of the flat die can overcome the problem of incomplete sterilization at high temperature and poor granulation of the existing granulator.
Biomass Granulator

The flat die granulator is equipped with a special ball polishing machine to realize the granulation and round operation. The biomass granulator does not require manual operation in the process of producing organic fertilizer, and the production efficiency is high.