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Matters needing attention when feeding of fertilizer production line drum screener

Drum screening machine is an important part of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine. Now we understand the matters needing attention when feeding fertilizer production process, as well as the specific installation and debugging methods of drum screening machine.

Matters needing attention during feeding of drum screener:

1. Under the condition of stable operation of fertilizer equipment screening machine, start the feeding equipment and carry out feeding test.
2. Close the sealing isolation cover after normal discharge. When the seal isolation cover works normally, the seal isolation cover shall always be in the closed position.
3. Check for particles, leaks and dust.
4. Run NPK fertilizer production line for half an hour, check each part carefully, find out problems and deal with them in time.
5. Check the operation frequently in the process of work. If abnormal operation or abnormal sound is found, the inspection shall be stopped in time.
fertilizer production line drum screener
The organic fertilizer treated by the compost turning machine can be screened and packaged directly, or processed into granules again after being treated by the screening machine. How to install and debug the drum screening machine?
1. The organic fertilizer screening machine can be put into trial operation after installation and inspection. Before operation, carefully check whether the components are correctly installed as shown in the drawing, the fasteners are reliable, and the drum screen around the screen body is obstructed.
2. Open the rectangular overhaul door, rotate the screen through the manual disc, observe whether there is friction in the comb screen mechanism, and adjust it by adjusting the bolts.
3. Check whether the bearing seat and gearbox are well lubricated and whether the oil level of gearbox is appropriate.
4. The power connector should be firm and reliable, with good insulation and correct grounding.