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Professional powder extrusion roller granulator for fertilizer

Roller granulator uses a pair of transmission gears as working parts, and its principle is volume continuous compression extrusion granulation. The machine is widely used in NPK fertilizer production line, with wider adaptability to materials, higher particle strength, uniform particle length, oval particle shape, diameter of 3mm-3.5mm - and pellet forming rate of about 95%.

The main components of the powder extrusion granulator-roller granulator:

1. Double-roller extrusion granulator. This machine relies on gear rolling to compress the volume into extruded materials. Therefore, it has a wider range of materials and is especially suitable for the granulation of contact deformation materials.
2. The built-in knife of the roller squeeze granulator makes the length of the granules consistent.
3. Compared with screw extrusion granulation, the moisture content of the granulated material of the roller extrusion granulator is lower, and the granule strength is higher.
Professional powder extrusion roller granulator for fertilizer

Adjustment of the head of the roller extrusion granulator:

The steps of circumferential alignment of roller granulator are as follows: loosen the six connecting bolts between the passive gear and the adjusting sleeve, so that the adjusting sleeve and the passive gear are slightly separated. Since the adjustment amount of a ball socket has been considered in the design, and two adjusting bolts are equipped, the dislocation can be adjusted no matter how much the dislocation is. Because the ball and socket are too small, the carton board is put between the two rollers to extrude the granulator. After rolling, we can see whether the adjustment has achieved the goal. After alignment, the 8 connecting bolts can be tightened.

The belt and pulley are driven by the motor. The organic fertilizer machine is transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and works synchronously with the passive shaft through the split gear. After die extrusion, demoulding, granulation, and extrusion The die is carefully forged with anti-corrosion materials, and the organic fertilizer extrusion granulator realizes granulation at room temperature without drying, one-time molding, fast seeing, low energy consumption, long life, high balling rate and other advantages.