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How to buy NPK compound fertilizer production line equipment dryer

Dryer is often used to dry compound fertilizer, grain, feed and other materials, which is widely used in compound fertilizer production line. Buying drying equipment can be considered from the following aspects.

1 Selection of drum dryer according to drying products.
If drying compound fertilizer, feed or grain crops, the best choice of dryer is continuous large-scale dryer. Drum dryer is widely used, operation efficiency is high. Material is evenly dispersed in the drum dryer, contacts with hot air to accelerate drying and heat transfer, and the material is uniformly dried.

2 According to the total amount of drying materials per day and the output of NPK compound fertilizer production line, the specifications and models of the dryer are determined.
Rotary dryer has different specifications. Different dryers can dry materials in the range of 1-20 tons per hour. The dryers of different specifications have different output per hour. Users only need to select the type of dryer directly according to the total amount of compound fertilizer planned daily or the processing capacity of NPK compound fertilizer production line.
compound fertilizer production line dryer equipment

3 Select the dryer according to the process of the NPK compound fertilizer production line.
a) According to the suitability of motor, bearing, conveyor belt and its matching parts used in fertilizer production or conveying system, and whether the performance is good or not. 
b) According to the heat source system of the dryer, the burner, hot stove and exhaust motor equipped with the dryer in NPK compound fertilizer production line should be considered. The dryer is powered by gas or fuel. In order to ensure the durability and air tightness of the hot air duct matched with the dryer, the material and welding quality of the hot air duct should also be distinguished. 
c) The electronic control system of the dryer is very important. Its quality and performance directly determine the overall performance of the dryer. The control system of our factory is compliant and perfect, and the overall performance can be assured basically.

4 Choose a dryer manufacturer with service guarantee.
Rotary dryer is a heavy machinery equipment, long-term maintenance after purchase can not be less, dryer manufacturers should have the ability to support services, so that users have no worries. Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fertilizer machinery with many years of experience. We provide comprehensive services and cooperate with customers all over the world. Our products are exported to India, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain and other countries.

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