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Inspection and maintenance of compound fertilizer equipment cooler

In fertilizer production line, the compound fertilizer has a higher temperature after passing through the dryer, is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate, and cannot be directly packaged, so cooling equipment must be used for cooling. Rotary cooler is a widely used compound fertilizer cooling machine. The cooling machine has a large volume. In daily production, preventive maintenance is more important than fault maintenance. Therefore, periodic inspection of the cooler should be carried out as far as possible to repair worn or unreliable parts, so as to improve the operation rate and service life of the cooler. The main points of the inspection are as follows.

Fertilizer cooling is a continuous and high-yield project, and the production of compound fertilizer equipment cooler is large. In order to ensure the normal operation of compound fertilizer drying and the service life of the dryer, the maintenance of the basic components of the compound fertilizer cooler is indispensable. The daily maintenance of the basic components of the cooler mainly includes the daily inspection and cleaning of the equipment. Regular daily cleaning of the equipment to ensure that the shape of the equipment is neat, and then the equipment components of the cooler and other safety checks. The debris collected in the dust collector also needs to be cleaned up in time to avoid affecting the drying and cooling system of the compound fertilizer production line.

Bearings and lubrication of coolers and fans. Mainly check whether the bearings of the cooler are damaged or not, periodically check the temperature, noise and vibration of the bearings of the cooler and fan, and the lubrication effect of each lubrication point, and take timely maintenance measures. In most cases, the bearing heating of the cooler is caused by excessive lubrication or insufficient lubrication. The unbalanced impeller and rotor of the fan will cause the vibration of the bearing to heat up. Usually these bearing faults develop very fast, bearing faults will lead to the shutdown of the compound fertilizer equipment.
compound fertilizer equipment cooler

Fan. Check all the fans according to the fan manual, and check the wear and tear situation and eliminate the unsafe factors every time the machine stops. The spare parts which are about to be damaged and have no stock should be ordered as early as possible. In particular, the wear and tear of the fan in dealing with dusty air is much faster than that in dealing with clean air. If the fan vibrates in operation, the balance of impeller, bearing and anchor bolt should be checked. If necessary, stop check and take effective measures.

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