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Why use coating machine in npk compound fertilizer production

In the production of NPK compound fertilizer, the coating machine is usually used before packaging, and a film is added to the outer layer of NPK compound fertilizer. Coated fertilizer is a kind of slow-release and controlled-release fertilizer. It can reduce the release rate of fertilizer nutrients and prolong the release time of nutrients by wrapping a film material on the surface of fertilizer particles. The coater is coated with fertilizers, which improves the release characteristics of fertilizers, improves the utilization ratio of fertilizers and makes crops yield high.

Advantages of coating machine in NPK compound fertilizer production
1. The utilization rate of the compound fertilizer using the coating machine is high. Because of air evaporation, underground infiltration and surface water erosion, the nutrient utilization rate of conventional fertilizers is low in the current season. The compound fertilizer produced by the coating machine is controlled by the outer coating material, which avoids the above losses and makes the fertilizer utilization rate reach more than 80%.  
coating machine of npk compound fertilizer production

2. The effect of coating machine is obvious, and the compound fertilizer produced by coating machine is time-saving and labor-saving. The processing of compound fertilizer by coating machine can control nutrient release of compound fertilizer through coating. The nutrient supply of crops is stable. It can avoid crop defertilization and excessive growth, and the yield increase effect of compound fertilizer is more obvious. With controlled-release fertilizer, most crops can apply only one fertilizer per crop, saving time and labor, and reducing waste.  

3. The germicidal and insect repellent effect of NPK compound fertilizer after coating is obvious. The coating materials processed by the coating machine mostly use polysulfide compounds, which can sterilize and deworm. 
4. The production of compound fertilizer by the coating machine can improve the soil and supplement the sulfur element in crops. Using coated controlled release fertilizer, the shell after nutrient release can not only store water, but also play the function of ventilation and fertilizer conservation, making the long-term compacted soil become loose. Sulphur element is an indispensable medium element for crop growth. The coating machine uses sulfur-coated urea to supplement the sulfur element of crop, because the released empty shell can be directly involved in nutrient release and be absorbed by crop.  

When the NPK compound fertilizer is processed by the coating machine, in addition to the nature of the coating material itself affecting the quality of the finished fertilizer product, the amount of the coating material also affects the quality of the compound fertilizer. When the dosage is insufficient, it is difficult to achieve the effect of slow-release package. The excessive dosage will lead to low nutrient content of finished fertilizer and increase the storage and transportation cost of actual production accordingly. Therefore, only when NPK compound fertilizer is produced by coating machine, grasp the coating material and the amount of time to produce high-quality fertilizer.