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Application of compound fertilizer coating machine

In recent years, because of the low utilization rate of fertilizer in agricultural planting, fertilizer coating machine has been widely used in the compound fertilizer production line. The main reason for the low utilization of fertilizers is that the existing chemical fertilizers dissolve too fast, resulting in nutrient volatilization, leaching and physical and chemical fixation. Slow-release fertilizer is a new type of fertilizer which mainly controls the release of nitrogen. Chemical nitrogen fertilizers, because of their high activity, will lose a large part of crops before they can be absorbed and utilized. The loss of nitrogen will bring a series of adverse effects on plant growth, human health and ecological environment.

In order to solve the problem of low utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer and reduce environmental pollution, coated fertilizer has developed rapidly all over the world, and coated machine has been widely welcomed in the production of compound fertilizer. Coated slow-release fertilizer can control and regulate the dissolution, release and transformation of nitrogen in fertilizer to a certain extent, protect the environment, improve the utilization rate of nitrogen and improve the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, the development of coating machine to produce compound fertilizer is the need of social development. The development of low-cost and slow-release pellet coated fertilizer is in line with the current agricultural development situation, and the coating machine has broad prospects.

Coated fertilizer is a kind of granular fertilizer which is coated with organic or inorganic film on the basis of original granular fertilizer. It is a kind of granular fertilizer which can control the release of fertilizer efficiency. Its particle size is generally 4-10 mm. The fertilizer coated by the coating machine has high yield and high efficiency, and the coating machine makes the controlled release and fertilizer efficiency of the coated fertilizer better.
compound fertilizer coating machine

Coating machine enhances nutrient utilization rate of compound fertilizer
Fertilizer coated by coating machine can improve fertilizer efficiency and nutrient utilization rate. And the larger the fertilizer particles, the smaller the contact surface between fertilizer and soil, the less the probability of soil fixation, which is conducive to improving the nutrient utilization rate of fertilizer coated fertilizer, has a good slow-release effect, enhances the slow-release characteristics of coated fertilizer, and will significantly improve the high-yield and high-efficiency of fertilizer.

Coating fertilizer machine is beneficial to fertilizer storage and application
After the granule surface is coated, it is not easy to cake in the process of fertilizer storage. Under the same conditions, even if caking occurs, it can keep the caking loose and improve the storage resistance of fertilizers.