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Foliar fertilizer production technology and machinery

Foliar fertilizer is a fertilizer for the purpose of foliar absorption, which directly applies the nutrients required by the crop to the foliage. The production process of solid foliar fertilizer is simple, the machine and equipment needed are less, the production investment is less, and the effect of fertilizer yield increase is remarkable.

Advantages of foliar fertilizer
1. When the poor soil environment, unbalanced water content, over-acidity, over-alkalinity, pest damage and other factors cause the urgent need for supplementary nutrition of crops and the decline of root absorptive capacity in the later stage of crop growth, the application of foliar topdressing can make up for the insufficiency of root absorptive fertilizer and achieve better yield-increasing effect.  
2. Leaf fertilizer has strong pertinence, which can avoid soil fixation and microbial absorption and decomposition of fertilizer. Leaf fertilizer is used less and fertilizer utilization efficiency is high. Leaf fertilization can promote crop growth when root absorptive capacity is weak, soil nutrient is insufficient or plant is in root non-absorptive state.
3. The speed of fertilizer absorption by crops from leaves is fast. Generally, foliar fertilizer can enter into leaves after 20-30 minutes, and into plant growth points and roots after 1 hour. Therefore, foliar fertilization is more effective than root topdressing.  
4 When plant growth density is high or root topdressing is not convenient at later growth stage, foliar spraying can be used for topdressing.  

Production technology of leaf fertilizer
Formula selection of foliar fertilizer is an important part of the production page. The production of foliar fertilizer should follow different types of foliar fertilizer standards and according to the prescribed nutritional distribution system. In addition, the formulation of foliar fertilizer production and processing should be adjusted according to the region. Different regions have different climate, soil types and nutrient status. Therefore, the production of foliar fertilizer should be adjusted according to local crop and soil conditions. Therefore, fertilizer producers should collect soil characteristics and nutrient devices in time, determine the formulation of fertilizer production, and prepare qualified products.

Raw materials commonly used in foliar fertilizer production
Urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, copper sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, magnesium sulfate, borax, ferrous sulfate, sodium humate, etc.

Foliar fertilizer equipment
Foliar fertilizer production machinery
Production process of foliar fertilizer
All kinds of raw materials are crushed in the crusher, and then the raw materials are weighed and proportioned in the batching machine according to the requirements of the formula. The materials are stirred in the mixer and then weighed and packed directly after stirring.