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npk fertilizer manufacturing process

NPK fertilizer processing equipment manufacturer - Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. to introduce the process of compound fertilizer manufacturing and processing, and a NPK fertilizer production line equipment how to deal with fertilizer.

NPK compound fertilizer manufacturing process mainly includes raw material batching, crushing, mixing, fertilizer granulation, fertilizer drying, fertilizer cooling, particle screening, secondary screening, fertilizer coating, quantitative packaging. The following is a detailed description of the NPK fertilizer production process in our factory.

NPK Fertilizer Production Line
npk fertilizer manufacturing process
1. Raw material ingredients: urea, ammonium chloride, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate and other raw materials are prepared in a certain proportion. It is formulated according to the local market conditions of crops and soil.

2. Raw material crush and mix: Feed the prepared raw materials into the crusher to crush into uniform powder, so as to prevent the agglomeration of fertilizers from being unfavorable for granulation. The mixer mixes all the raw materials evenly.

3. NPK fertilizer granulation: After mixing the raw materials into the granulator to granulate, there are many kinds of compound fertilizer granulator, including disc granulator, drum granulator, double roller press granulator. The granulator is an important equipment of compound fertilizer production line, which determines the quality of granulation.

4. Fertilizer drying: Granules made by granulator enter rotary dryer, dryer dries excessive moisture in granules, increases particle strength, avoids fertilizer caking, facilitates transportation and storage.

5. Fertilizer cooling: The temperature of fertilizer particles transported from the dryer is too high, which is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. After the treatment of the cooler, the fertilizer particles can be directly packaged at room temperature.

6. Particle screening: The processed compound fertilizer needs to be graded to screen out qualified products. The first-stage screening separates the particles from the powder, and the powder is returned to NPK fertilizer production line. The second-stage screening screens out the unqualified large particles, and the large particles are re-granulated in the grinder.

7. Compound fertilizer coating: Coating machine coats qualified products to prevent compound fertilizer caking.

8. Quantitative packaging of finished products: NPK fertilizer granules are automatically weighed by the packing machine after processing and packaged into compound fertilizer commodities of the same specifications, which can be stored for sale.