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NPK fertilizer efficiency and processing technology

The first fertilizer invented and manufactured by human beings in the world is NPK compound fertilizer (using bird manure and sulfuric acid to produce mixed fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements), but it is of low concentration. With the development of chemical fertilizer industry, human beings have successively invented high concentration simple fertilizer. Due to people's understanding of balanced fertilization, the technology of rational fertilization has been improved, especially soil testing With the development of recommended fertilization, people use all kinds of single fertilizers together, which promotes the development of fertilizer compound and compound technology. Based on these advanced experiences from abroad, our company develops NPK fertilizer production process suitable for most of the compound fertilizer industry.

The effect of NPK compound fertilizer

Compared with conventional fertilization, the effect of compound fertilizer with reasonable formula is always higher than that of conventional fertilization. The principle is that the effect of balanced fertilization (recommended fertilization or formula fertilization) is always better than that of conventional fertilization. The compound fertilizer with scientific and technological content is produced according to the principle of balanced fertilization, whether it is suitable for all kinds of crops in some areas or special fertilizer for all kinds of crops in some areas. The effect in the field is better than that in the local custom fertilization.

Fertilizer manufacturing process of Tianci fertilizer factory

The advantage of compound fertilizer is that it combines the principle and technology of balanced fertilization with fertilizer products, or it is the product of materializing scientific and technological achievements. From the current point of view, it still has strong vitality, will continue to develop and improve, it will still develop with the progress and development of scientific balanced fertilization technology and the progress of process technology, that is, entering the era of high-tech development, there will be new high-tech achievements constantly melting into the compound fertilizer.
NPK fertilizer production process
The fertilizer manufacturing process we manufacture uses an automatic batching device, which can complete the automatic proportioning according to user needs, and is suitable for a variety of dry powders and granular materials with small viscosity. The mixed raw materials are made into different granules by a fertilizer granulator machine. Meet different soil needs. The automatic batching system uses microcomputer control, electronic monitoring, digital prompts, and wired remote control. It has the characteristics of accurate weighing, high batching accuracy, fast speed, good control function, and convenient operation.