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Nitrophosphate based compound fertilizer with peat added

The purpose of applying chemical fertilizer is to grow high-quality and high-yield crops efficiently. However, excessive use of chemical fertilizer will lead to soil degradation, environmental pollution and other sequelae. The development of organic agriculture, combined with advanced NPK fertilizer production process to produce compound fertilizer particles, is conducive to the green development of agriculture.

The role of peat

Peat powder is dark black brown and is made of peat soil. Peat soil has many components and characteristics, such as: rich in trace elements (iron, zinc, manganese, etc.) and organic substances (amino acid, humic acid). Plant cell structure can make peat soil absorb nutrition source like sponge, so as to avoid the fast loss of nutrition source with water. Peat soil is loose in nature, which can increase the water retention and aeration of soil. It is worth mentioning that peat soil contains humic acid, which can effectively promote plant growth.

There are many applications of peat soil in organic agriculture, for example, mixing peat soil into chemical fertilizer to make organic compound fertilizer, which is a newly developed technology recently. The organic compound fertilizer can not only replace the use of chemical fertilizer, but also improve the soil environment. In addition, because it is a long-term slow-release fertilizer, it can reduce the loss of nutrients and the damage of the environment, which is also an attractive feature.
compound fertilizer granular applied fo soil
We provide a double roller fertilizer granulator, which can extrude various raw materials (NPK fertilizer, peat soil, organic matter and other nutrient elements) into particles, so that the fertilizer nutrients are more abundant and the fertilizer effect is more comprehensive.