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What is compost? Can compost improve the soil


What is compost

Compost is a kind of material that decomposes and ferments organic matter (litter, straw, mowing, cattle manure, etc.) through the action of microorganism, which can be used for soil improvement. In industrial composting, cattle manure and pig manure are usually mixed with rice husk, and the fermentation materials are cut at the windrow turner, then the compost is decomposed into organic fertilizer by microorganism.

By soaking the compost in the soil, it can improve the water retention, drainage, permeability and fertilization ability, and activate the microbial compost as food. Activated microorganisms help maintain soil structure and grow healthy vegetables. The standard of using compost is 2-3kg / m2. Apply compost two weeks before sowing or sowing.
organic fertilizer fermentation composting

Composting humus by hand

Humus is one of plant compost. Humus soil is mainly made by decomposing and fermenting leaves. Leaves and rice bran were mixed in a ratio of 5:1, and water was added to make the moisture content of the material reach 60%. Rice bran promotes fermentation. After the compost is mixed evenly, it should be tossed once a week. It takes three to six months, depending on the temperature.
It is suggested to make humus from the leaves of deciduous broad-leaved trees (beech, oak, etc.). Needles such as cedars and pine trees are difficult to break down, so they should be avoided. In addition to the above humus, composting can also be made by composting household waste. Put compost into the field soil, decomposition can be accelerated.

Industrial production of compost

Industrial production of organic fertilizer, a large number of livestock manure compost fermentation, the use of windrow turner (or tank turner) mechanized place barber ferment. The fermented compost can be processed into commercial granular fertilizer by fertilizer granulator machine. The most important thing when applying compost is to avoid using fertilizer that is not fully mature. Unfermented compost produces ammonia, an odor that attracts insects and destroys the roots of crops. The industrial processing compost, compost fermentation is sufficient, fertilizer effect is better. Compost products can also be mixed with NPK fertilizer to improve the overall fertilizer efficiency of the fertilizer products. Through NPK fertilizer production process, the compost products can be processed into organic compound fertilizer products.