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What are the common mistakes of fertilization methods


Misunderstanding 1: Same fertilizer formula, same dosage, same effect

The reason is very simple. The main difference between fat people and thin people is not the problem of eating more or less, but the problem of absorbing more or less. For the same formula and the same amount of fertilizer, there will be a significant difference in nutrient utilization rate due to the reasons of crops themselves, which is why some products with low total nutrient will have better effect than those with high nutrient. So our equipment of NPK fertilizer production process can produce different fertilizers for different crops.

Misunderstanding 2: The faster fertilizer dissolves, the better

Crops need nutrients just as people do every day, but their absorption is limited. Nutrients dissolve quickly, crops cannot absorb them, and waste, so this is also the main reason for adding slow-release agents to some products, just to ensure that the crops need nutrients throughout the process. However, chemical fertilizers with slow-release agents should not be used for topdressing, because if the rate of nutrient release cannot keep up with the crop's demand for nutrients, early de-fertilization of crops will occur. Good compound fertilizer products are made into solid particles by fertilizer granulator machine to achieve the purpose of slow-release fertilizer.

Misunderstanding 3: The closer the fertilizer is to the stem, the more easily the fertilizer is absorbed

This method of fertilization has great harm. Because the part of the plant absorbing nutrients is in the root hair area, the plant stem and root (except for the root hair area) absorb little or no nutrients, the closer to the plant stem (except for the seedling stage) when applying fertilizer, the farther away from the plant nutrient absorption part, so it is not easy to be absorbed. If the fertilization is too much and the concentration is too large, it is also easy to "burn the seedlings". The best way to apply water-soluble fertilizer is to mix soil or dilute it before watering, or immediately after fertilization to avoid burning roots.