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What is DAP fertilizer and how to process it


Diammonium Phosphate

DAP - diammonium phosphate is a kind of compound fertilizer with two nutrients of nitrogen and phosphorus. It is a high concentration and quick acting fertilizer. It is suitable for all kinds of crops and soil, especially for the crops that like ammonium and need phosphorus. It can be used as basic fertilizer or top dressing, and it is suitable for deep application.
No matter what kind of crops are planted, the first year of DAP application in phosphorus deficient soil can achieve significant yield increase. But if diammonium phosphate is used year after year, but no nitrogen fertilizer is added, the effect will be greatly reduced, because the soil is not lack of phosphorus and other elements. Therefore, DAP is often used as one of the main raw materials, mixed with other element fertilizers, and made into compound fertilizer by fertilizer granulator machine.

Different from nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer can only produce chemical fixation of phosphorus in the soil and reduce fertilizer efficiency. Unlike nitrogen fertilizer, there are losses such as volatilization, leaching and denitrification, so the actual utilization rate of phosphorus fertilizer is very high, which is quite different from that of nitrogen fertilizer. Therefore, long-term application of diammonium phosphate can improve the content of available phosphorus in soil very quickly. Reasonable application of diammonium phosphate must be based on the change of available phosphorus content in the soil, timely adjust the fertilization formula, with the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, in order to meet the principle of balanced fertilization and give full play to its role in increasing production.

DAP compound fertilizer granulation processing

In industry, fertilizer plants often use the equipment of double roll extrusion granulator to process DAP. After all NPK raw materials are mixed by formula, they are extruded into separate particles by double roller fertilizer granulator, which balances the shortage of single fertilizer nutrients. Diammonium phosphate combined with nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer is most suitable to be used as base fertilizer. Application in paddy field: shallow water layer after ploughing; application in dry land: deep application during ploughing, full mixing of fertilizer and soil. The best fertilizer effect can be obtained by mixing diammonium phosphate with mature organic fertilizer with neutral pH.

The structure of the roller press granulator is relatively simple, and the entire NPK fertilizer production line occupies a relatively small area, which is very suitable for some small fertilizer production enterprises.