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Operating principle of cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collector is a dry separator which separates dust from airflow by centrifugal force generated by rotating dusty gas. The separator has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, low cost and operation cost.

Structure of cyclone dust collector
Cyclone dust collector is composed of cylinder, cone, intake pipe, exhaust pipe, ash discharge pipe, etc. The gas discharge pipe is inserted into the inside of the cylinder to form an inner cylinder. The axis of the cylinder and the ash discharge pipe is on a vertical line, and the intake pipe is tangentially connected with the cylinder.
cyclone dust collector

Working principle of cyclone dust collector
Dusty gas enters the cylinder at a higher speed from the intake pipe along the tangent direction of the cylinder. The airflow changes from straight line to circular motion, and flows upward and downward. The upward airflow is blocked by the top cover and returns. The downward airflow rotates upward and downward at the cylinder and cone parts between the inner and outer cylinders (i.e. the outer swirl). Dust-containing gas produces a great centrifugal force in the process of rotation. Because the inertia of dust particles is much larger than that of air, the dust particles with a density greater than gas are thrown to the wall of the collector. Once the dust particles contact with the wall, they lose inertia force and the kinetic energy and downward gravity of the inlet velocity fall down along the wall. They are separated from the gas and discharged into the dust collecting box through the cone. When the downward swirling flow moves in the conical part, it closes to the center of the dust collector with the conical shrinkage. When the air reaches a certain position at the lower end of the cone, it moves in the same direction from the middle of the dust collector, forming a spiral motion (i.e. internal swirling flow) from the bottom to the top, and discharges out through the inner cylinder. The cyclone has a great influence on the purification effect of cyclone dust collector, but when the treated gas is discharged, some dust which is not captured will also be discharged.

Cyclone dust collector is widely used in fertilizer production. It collects dust in fertilizer production and avoids environmental pollution caused by direct discharge. Air pollution has long plagued our health, and cyclone dust collectors are particularly important in production as an efficient and convenient dust removal device.