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Fertilizer production line energy equipment hot air stove

The main heat energy in fertilizer production is provided by hot air stove, which is a kind of heat exchange equipment. When fertilizer is dried, there is a hot air stove with combustion and regenerator. The combustion chamber produces the heat exchanged by drying. Hot air stove can meet the production demand of low energy consumption and high efficiency.

The heat of hot air stove is generally used to dry fertilizer particles, ore, limestone, phosphate, gypsum, slag, clay, raw coal and other materials. The energy source of hot air stove can be coal, natural gas and diesel oil. Oil and natural gas as fuels are flammable, heat efficient and can be large-scale, but the price of these fuels is 3-4 times higher than that of coal, and the cost is higher. The coal combustion efficiency of the hot air stove produced by our factory is very high, which can meet the needs of large-scale fertilizer production line.
hot air stove

The hot air stove is cylindrical with an arched top, which is conducive to flame concentration and firm refractories. The upper part of the cylinder is the fuel combustion zone, and the middle and lower parts are the mixing parts of flue gas and air. On the one hand, incomplete combustion of fuel continues to burn in this part, on the other hand, the generated smoke and air are mixed to control the quantity and temperature of the smoke.
Fire-resistant bricks are arranged in the combustion chamber, and heat insulation plates are arranged outside the firebrick, and the outermost layer is a steel cylinder. Refractory bricks must withstand high flame and flue gas temperature and thermal and chemical erosion caused by sulfur compounds produced by combustion. The insulation plate must have a lower thermal conductivity to prevent heat loss. The use of steel cylinder can reduce heat loss due to air leakage, and is conducive to environmental protection.
The hot air stove can burn all kinds of fuel with different calorific value and solid fuels, such as sawdust, rice husk, etc. Hot air stove has a high degree of automation control. Generally, outlet temperature, temperature monitoring system, burner, PLC fault safety system can be set up.