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Advantages of automatic batching equipment for NPK compound fertilizer production

Automatic batching equipment has brought great convenience to the application of powder (or granule) batching, especially the powder (or granule) manufacturer, which saves a lot of money, manpower and material resources in actual production, and ensures the stability and improvement of product quality. The automatic batching system is mainly composed of storage warehouse, feeding device, weighing device, belt conveyor device, computer control and so on. It is a set of automatic integrated equipment.

Application of automatic batching equipment in npk compound fertilizer production
Automatic batching equipment is often used in NPK compound fertilizer production line. In fertilizer production, various powder packages are manually unpacked and fed into silos. The powder discharged falls into the storage bin, and the lower part of the bin is connected with the discharging device. When batching is needed, the container is placed manually, the feeding device starts to move, and the weighing device starts to measure. The dynamic weighing accuracy of the feeding process is automatically corrected by the control system, and the weighing error can be completely controlled within the set accuracy range. The weighing device sends out signals according to the parameters. The conveyor delivers different powder at different rates. Various kinds of powder are mixed proportionally and then transported by the conveyor to the mixer. After mixing, the powder can be granulated according to the compound fertilizer production process.
automatic batching equipment of NPK compound fertilizer production

Advantages of automatic batching equipment
1.The automatic batching system has a high degree of automation. Replacing manual batching and transportation with mechanical equipment greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and eliminates the time loss and material waste caused by inaccurate and misoperation of manual batching process. 
2. The automatic batching system has the advantages of accurate weighing and good uniformity. When automatic batching equipment is used for batching, although repeated work is required, the amount of materials used for each batch is the same. Through the system control of PLC, the weighing error can be controlled in a very small range in the batching process of the weighing system.