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Automatic powder batching system for fertilizer plant

In the production and processing of fertilizers, batching is an important process. The automatic batching is to weigh the raw materials according to the fertilizer formula, and then produce the fertilizer that meets the requirements. The batching accuracy directly affects the quality of fertilizer products. The automatic batching system is an important equipment for the batching processing of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

The single silo single weigh automatic batching system developed by our factory can be used for automatic weighing of powder, granule and flaky small materials, and is widely used in the processing and proportioning of fertilizers and feed. The weight and speed of the material on the conveyor belt of the batching machine can be controlled. The machine can feed along the conveyor belt with multiple batching bins at the same time, realizing continuous batching, and is suitable for mass production of materials.
batching system

Dynamic automatic batching system features
The batching equipment is corrosion-resistant and can automatically weigh materials.
Each individual belt scale is equipped with a single silo at the upper end.
The automatic batching system has the advantages of accurate measurement, high efficiency and labor saving.
In fertilizer production, the automatic proportioning system can be used with BB fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment and compound fertilizer equipment to complete the automatic proportioning according to needs.
The batching system has a high degree of automation, using microcomputer control and electronic monitoring, which is a guarantee for accurately formulating materials and improving product quality.