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Organic fertilizer circular polishing machine can improve the efficiency of fertilizer production

The ball shaping machine is an important part of organic fertilizer equipment. The full name of the round polishing machine is organic fertilizer particle polishing machine. It is used in the production of organic fertilizer equipment to round and polish the columnar particle materials with good plasticity from the extrusion granulator. It is a new type of round polishing equipment improved on the basis of old organic fertilizer equipment. Old round throwers can only be fed once and again. This new type of round polishing machine can realize continuous feeding and discharging and improve production efficiency.
The cylindrical particle material rotates with the throwing disc under the action of friction. The cylinder is fixed. In this way, the cylindrical material in the cylinder is rotated in a twisting pattern along the edge of the cylinder and the wall of the cylinder under the action of centrifugal force. The continuous feed reaches the discharge height of the discharge port of the whole plate and automatically enters the next casting disc. The material coming out of the throwing disc has changed from columnar to irregularly round granular. After the same movement of the lower throwing disc, it becomes a uniform and bright round granular organic fertilizer (higher moisture content) after coming out of the multi-stage throwing disc. It is then transferred to the next drying section.

The rounding machine is used to beautify all granular fertilizers. The granular fertilizer produced by squeezing and granulation can be evenly sized, with a bright and smooth surface, high particle strength, and a pelletizing rate of up to 98%. As a result, the energy consumption can be reduced and the yield can be increased. The flat mold granulator is suitable for granulating materials with low adhesion rate and difficulty in forming. It is an ideal equipment for producing pellet feed, and can also be used for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizers, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and other fertilizers.