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Process flow and equipment requirements of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line


The equipment for producing organic fertilizer from chicken manure requires fermentation and flipping machines, organic fertilizer crushers, drum screening machines, horizontal mixers, disc granulators, wet granulators, extrusion granulators, rotary dryers, cooling machines, screening machines, coating machines, packaging machines, conveyors, and other equipment.

Equipment requirements for each link of the process flow system of chicken manure organic fertilizer processing equipment:

The fermentation system of the organic fertilizer production line process consists of a feed conveyor, a biological deodorization machine, a mixing mixer, a proprietary lifting and tilting machine, and an electrical automatic control system;

The main equipment of the drying system includes belt conveyor, rotary drum dryer, cooling machine, induced draft fan, hot air stove, etc;

The deodorization and dust removal system consists of a settling chamber, a dust removal chamber, etc,;

The crushing system includes new semi wet material crushers, LP chain or cage crushers, belt conveyors, etc;

The batching system includes equipment such as electronic batching system, disc feeder, vibrating screen, and can be configured with 6-8 types of raw materials at once;

The mixing system consists of optional horizontal or disc mixers, vibrating screens, mobile belt conveyors, etc;

The granulation system of the chicken manure organic fertilizer processing equipment process requires the use of granulation machine equipment. The optional granulation machine equipment includes: compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulation machine, disc granulation machine, flat film granulation machine, biological organic fertilizer spherical granulation machine, organic fertilizer specific granulation machine, drum granulation machine, round throwing machine, compound fertilizer specific granulation machine, etc;

The screening system is mainly completed by drum screening machines, which can be equipped with primary and secondary screening machines to achieve higher product yield and better particles;

The finished product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scales, silos, automatic sewing machines, etc.