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Organic fertilizer equipment and nutrient cycling in organic farming

Organic agriculture is an eco-friendly and environmentally friendly agricultural production mode. Conventional agroecosystems have been destroyed by the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics. Organic fertilizer equipment makes organic fertilizer from animal manure, plant straw and other organic wastes. Organic fertilizer reacts on agricultural nature and promotes the nutrient cycle of agriculture.

The conversion and utilization of organic fertilizer by organic fertilizer equipment is the key to nutrient cycle. Organic fertilizer equipment put all kinds of organic wastes such as human and animal manure, straw and industrial organic residue in agricultural production system back into agricultural production system, realizing the combination of planting and breeding, rational allocation of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and by-fishery, thus realizing the comprehensive agricultural system of high efficiency and recycling of nutrients. Through the treatment of organic fertilizer equipment and the circulation of nutrients, any part of the system is interrelated and interacted with other parts.

Closed nutrient recycling is the basis of organic agriculture theory. Organic fertilizer production by organic fertilizer equipment promotes recycling, which is in line with both ecological and economic laws. In agriculture, the purchase of chemical fertilizers has been reduced and the production cost has been reduced. Therefore, in organic agriculture, organic fertilizer equipment is a low-input and high-benefit production mode.
Organic fertilizer equipment and organic farming
Organic agriculture regards the whole farm as an organism and realizes the nutrient cycle within the farm as closed as possible. If a farm has aquaculture and processing industries corresponding to the amount of land planted, the cycle of plant nutrients will be maximized within the farm, and the transfer of nutrients between farms will be minimal. Therefore, an organic fertilizer production line processing equipment is the best choice for farm investment.